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Funny or Die’s Link Dump: Tobias Funke Quotes, Nic Cage Freaking Out, & More

The summer can be misleading. The image we have of it in our minds (pool parties, barbecues, charity car washes in which we flirtatiously spray our crush) is rarely achieved, as we ultimately spend the days trudging to the office where we complain about how it was too hot this weekend to actually do anything — and that when we sprayed our crush with soapy water it was just awkward because we ruined her new shirt and she claimed she’d “never met me before.” Anyway, what I’m getting at is that we obviously should be living our lives like the kid in the picture above. His abandon of all that’s accepted in our society is a guiding light. Sometimes it’s just about going HAM and facing the consequences. His truffle shuffle at the Women’s World Cup is an inspiration.

And so are these links:

  • 8 photos of Chris Brown looking like a dick (the best part was when he looked like a dick) – Best Week Ever
  • You know what makes Tobias Funke quotes ever better? Pairing them with the homophobic husband of Michele Bachmann – HuffPost Comedy
  • Still not sure what to do with Google+? This handy guide should should help. – Happy Place
  • The most punchable faces on TV, ranked for convenience/punching. – Warming Glow
  • The 20 worst parking fails – Heavy
  • Nic Cage losing his shit. In GIF form. Enjoy these forever and ever. – Uniblog

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