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Cornell Reid’s Top 3 Albums That R Good

What is the best album of all time?

This is a question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Many scientists and philosophers have dedicated their lives to this perplexing investigation. The amount of variables that go into judging every album ever is enough to make Stephen Hawking’s head spin! Well thankfully, the brightest mind of our times, Cornell Reid, has put this dilemma to rest. After much deliberation, here are the top 3 albums that r good. 1.) Kidz Bop Kids – Kidz Bop (2001)
This is the ORIGINAL Kidz Bop. Not after they all sold out.
The way this album transcends genres is breathtaking. You start out with pop then fly full force into pop-rock, before you know it you’re tangoing to some pop-latino (ay papi!) then your booty dancing to some pop-rap (LFO.)
If you listen close you can hear a young boy, who through my research is named Darrel, just singing his ass off on some songs. He’s not doing it on the butch baritone songs like Blink-182’s “All The Small Things” but he’s doing it on songs like Cher’s “Believe”! Darrel goes NUTS on this song! When I first heard this album I knew Darrel was a star. It’s just a shame he didn’t break out solo after this record.

2.) Kidz Bop Kids – Kidz Bop 2 (2002)
This was the Kidz Bop Kids second release. They’re still young, they’re hungry and quite frankly, they just don’t give a fuck! The KB Kids felt like the first album didn’t get enough credit! Now these kids are pissed off and they’re taking it to the streets where they belong!
You can tell they cranked up the attitude and the edginess when they smash into their first hardcore headbanger “Kryptonite” originally by 3 Doors Down. Then just when you think their ‘tudes can’t get any edgier, their rendition of “Get The Party Started” by Pink comes on and BAM! The Party IS started! In a BIG BIG WAY!
This CD is mailed to you with just as many hits as the first one, but there’s just one problem: Darrel is clearly out of control. Is he singing harder and with more attitude than any of the other kids? Definitely, but it’s not all from Darrel’s enthusiasm, in fact most of it, I presume, is from cocaine. Yup, Darrel took all that Kidz Bop money and put it straight up his nose. It’s sad to hear someone sing while so clearly out of control.
But you know, that’s why it’s #2 and not #1.

3.) Kidz Bop Kids – Kidz Bop Sing The Beatles (2009)
Sheesh, I gotta say this last album was hard to pick. At the end it came down to two albums vying for the #3 spot, either Kidz Bop Sings The Beatles or The White Album by the Beatles. I finally chose the KB Kids just because they had a little more passion and, i hate to say it, but a better knowledge of music. Plus the group chemistry was at an all time high, at this point they were no longer about the drugs or sex parties. In fact, their biggest problem/former star, Darrel, had been out of the group for six years and in prison for five. The group was back to good clean fun and Darrel was nothing but a distant memory!

R.I.P Darrel Follow me on twitter @corneezy

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