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Nike Made Colin Kaepernick The Face Of Their New Ads And People Are Losing Their Shit

On Monday, Nike unveiled their new campaign, featuring Colin Kaepernick ,the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started the practice of kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice.

This practice has been criticized and warped by many conservatives, including Donald Trump, stating that his reason for kneeling is to disrespect the American flag, when it was only trying to highlight police brutality against people of color.

Here is the ad:

Shortly after, Twitter exploded with Nike boycotts from right winged extremists such as this man child, who probably looked up the national anthem on Spotify for the first time in his life, and played it on his shitty speakers while he burned $400 worth of….shoes.

And this, fella, who..ugh….cut the top of his socks off because they had the Nike symbol on them…but still continued to wear the bottom part. LOL

Soon after, Twitter began roasting these dudes for their idiotic protests. Here are some of the funniest reactions we found:

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