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Elon Musk Hit A Blunt On The Joe Rogan Podcast And It’s The Funniest Shit You’ll See Today

Elon Musk, the controversial CEO of Tesla, woke up, showered, blow dried his pubes with a flame thrower, put on a shirt that read “Occupy Mars” on it, and drove his 2012 Toyota Corolla to appear as a guest on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’.

During the podcast, the pair talked about expensive watches, artificial intelligence, whether Musk is a “case on his cell phone or not” type of guy, and other complicated shit that I fast forwarded because I got bored and am stupid.

But brace yourselves, because at one point, Joe Rogan pulls out a fat blunt. Musk immediately asks him IF IT’S A JOINT OR A CIGAR LMFAOOOO. Musk then asks Rogan if IT’S LEGALLLLLLLLL…I meannnnnn, come on dude.

Ok, I won’t spoil the details but watch it yourselves (it’s approximately at 2h 10m). Enjoy.

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