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Why Fallout 76 Could Be The Game of the Year (If My Roommates are Willing to Split it With Me)

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is capturing most of the gaming hype zeitgeist right now, and the reviews are so far proving the hype correct, it’s important to remember that not everyone likes cowboys or horses or possible labor crunches, and those people deserve games, too. One AAA game a lot of folks are looking forward to is the new online-only entry into the Fallout franchise, Bethesda’s Fallout 76. The online MMO is not without controversy, but there’s enough exciting features about the upcoming game that it has many pumped into thinking it could be the game of the year. I’m also super hyped, especially if my roommates are willing to wise up and split the game with me.

Many gamers could not be more excited to look at trees.

Don’t Like Online Then Go Solo

Though it would be preferable if Fallout 76 had an offline mode, there’s something to be said about getting to experience the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout online with your friends. Sure, online players can be dicks, but Bethesda has stated that you can play the game entirely on your own if you’d like. One thing that could screw up my progression is if my roommates — of whom there are five, are so thus not willing to go splitsies on this game. Sure, it comes out on November 14, and we’re only living together until December, but you guys leave your damn hair clippings around the sink and it’s kinda gross, so how about we come to some sort of agreement here? I mean, I let a lot of crap slide. For example, you guys are kinda loud on weeknights sometimes and I barely cause a stink. No, I didn’t pay my share of the Spider-Man game, but this whataboutism has got to stop. Do the right thing.

What the Hell is Fallout 76?

BUT: Fallout 76 Requires A Game Console

CNET reports that the game is a prequel to the other games in the franchise and that the game won’t contain vehicles, but will feature “six distinct regions” players can check out. All this sounds great, but it will only be great if players can actually play the game. Take my roommates, for example. Only one of us has a console on which Fallout 76 will be available, and that person (me!) already lets you guys play games in my room when I’m gone. Also, I didn’t want to take it here, but my dad did die in August, and I’ve hardly used that for any sympathy points. Just buy me the game. No, I’m not going to say thank you.

Hand over the damn game money.

Fallout 76 definitely doesn’t look perfect, but it looks to be an exciting evolution of the Fallout franchise. Those who preordered the game can access the beta right now, but those who haven’t preordered will have to wait until November 14th, and those whose roommates aren’t willing to split the cost, will have to wait until at least the holidays. In my case, the first holidays without my dad. Pretty grim, right? Anyway, whenever you get a chance to dive in, though, Fallout 76 looks like a blast.

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